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If you have been searching for ways to make money online, then I’m sure that you have figured out that the easiest way to make that happen is through affiliate marketing. Perhaps you’ve heard about or stumbled upon the 12 Minute Affiliate, a new done-for-you system that simplifies the process of earning commissions through affiliate marketing without any technical stuff or even a website to host. They say that you can have the system activated in as little as 12 minutes! Is the 12 Minute Affiliate as easy as they say? Read my review below to help you decide if this system is right for you.


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What is the 12 Minute Affiliate?

The 12 Minute Affiliate is a plug-and-play, done-for-you system created by successful internet marketer Devon Brown. It was designed to make it EASY for anyone in the world to collect affiliate commissions. Devon claims that experienced affiliate marketers and even newbies can see results within a week with just these three things:

  1. A desktop or laptop computer
  2. An internet connection
  3. A willingness to follow simple instructions consistently




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How Does the 12 Minute Affiliate Work?

The system provides you with done-for-you affiliate sales funnels in some of the most popular niches. Home Business, Weight Loss, and Personal Development.  As a basic member, you will choose one of those three, and if you choose to be a gold member you will have all three.

You will need to sign up with Clickbank and an autoresponder such as Aweber, Get Response, or MailChimp. Set up your autoresponder and then activate and customize your instant or custom funnel.

Lastly, you will need to get traffic, and you can do this with the done-for-you traffic which you pay for after choosing how many clicks you would like (purchase as much as you like within your budget), or by getting free traffic, which will take much longer, but there are some training and resources such as, 16 Ways to Get Free Traffic to Your Website.

Once everything is up and running you will simply build your list and promote your affiliate products, whenever someone purchases one of the affiliate products from your system you get a commission.


The 12 Minute Affiliate


What’s Included in the 12 Minute Affiliate System?

  • DFY Funnels – Ready-to-go funnels in the most profitable niche markets
  • DFY Emails – Months of DFY follow-up emails
  • 12 Minute Setup – Copy/Paste simple instructions
  • E-Z Funnel Wizard – Create Custom Funnels
  • Private Community – Private Facebook community & free private training
  • DFY Traffic – Targeted niche traffic in minutes

Plus Bonuses

  1. Success Library – A library of personal development training
  2. Free Traffic Guide – 16 Ways to Get Free Traffic to Your Website
  3. Hot Product Promos – The system will promote the hottest affiliate products for you




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How Much Does the 12 Minute Affiliate Cost?The 12 Minute Affiliate

The Basic Membership cost is $47 per month or you can pay a one-time fee of $397, and the Gold Membership costs $97 per month or a one-time fee of $797. Please keep in mind that there WILL be other costs such as paid traffic, possibly upsells, and your autoresponder. There is also a 60-day money-back guarantee, simply request your refund for any reason at all within the refund 60-day period and receive a %100 refund.


The Pros and the Cons

Company Name: 12 Minute Affiliate

Product: The 12 Minute Affiliate System


Owner: Devon Brown & David Sloan

Price: $9.95 for 14 days/$47 or $97 monthly


Pros –

  1. You will learn basic affiliate/email marketing
  2. Done-for-you funnels and emails
  3. 60-day money-back guarantee

Cons –

  1. No free trial
  2. Paid traffic
  3. Additional costs





Is the 12 Minute Affiliate Legit?

Yes, the 12 Minute Affiliate is legit. Is it too good to be true? No, it’s a good system and you will learn about sales funnels, affiliate marketing, and email marketing in the simplest way possible. Remember making money online is not easy, you do have to put in the effort and nothing is guaranteed.



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I like the 12 Minute Affiliate, I think it’s great for beginners and it would be a fantastic side hustle for the more experienced affiliate marketers. I know that many people have been very successful, however, I want you to be sure that you have the budget for the paid traffic.

If not remember that there are training and resources for free traffic and although that may take a bit longer, it beats falling behind when you are trying to get ahead. You can always get paid traffic when you have the funds. Take advantage of the 14 day trial for $9.95, purchase a small amount of traffic if it’s in your budget, and get the feel of the system. If you think that the 12 Minute Affiliate might be for you…



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12 Minute Affiliate








Overall Quality



  • You will learn basic affiliate/email marketing
  • Done-for-you funnels and emails
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • No free trial
  • Paid traffic
  • Additional costs

12 thoughts on “The 12 Minute Affiliate”

  1. It’s good to see that the 12 Minute Affiliate system is so easy to set up and that it can really make a difference. I really appreciate the valuable information that you have shared here, it makes so much sense. I am going to try the 14-day risk-free trial for $9.95 and see how it goes. Thank you so much for sharing, thumbs up! 

    • I’m very happy that I could help and I look forward to hearing how the 12 Minute Affiliate works for you. I wish you much success!

  2. The 12 Minute Affiliate is a very nice means to grow your business and anyone who is an affiliate marketer would understand how good this system is developed and can be to all. Reading through this article I get to see a part that is very vital to all online business owners and that’s getting traffic to your site. With 16 various ways to go about it, you are sure to get results that are good.

    • I agree, the 12 Minute Affiliate is a great system and traffic is vital. I think many affiliate marketers could benefit from this system as long as they don’t get caught up in purchasing more traffic than their budget allows. Thank you for your feedback.

  3. Hello there! Thank You very much for dropping this article on the 12 Minute Affiliate. I’ve gone through it and it’s a really detailed one and it contains valuable information. I’ve not really heard of 12 Minute Affiliate before, this is my first time. I think it is a good platform and a legit one. However, it’s a bit expensive for me and there are better cheaper options out there. There’s also no free trial so I won’t get to test if it’s something I can do or not. I’ll pass on this one. Thank you 

    • Hi Sophie, thanks for taking the time to read my review on The 12 Minute Affiliate. I understand your concerns and wish you the best in your search for making money online. I think that their 14-day trial is a good deal, however, I also understand that not everyone has that kind of money right now. Have you taken a look at Wealthy Affiliate? You can start for free and there you can learn while you build an online business of your own.

  4. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say I really did enjoy going through your review of the 12 Minute Affiliate as it contains valuable pieces of information a beginner like me would find very useful. Although it is a bit expensive, I think I will embark on this journey and hopefully get a positive outcome.

    • It was my pleasure and I’m really happy to hear that you found some value in my article. I wish you the best on your new journey. 

  5. It is true that affiliate marketing is one of the simplest means of earning online and it can be as lucrative as you want, but I always emphasize that if you don’t have the right tools for your affiliate marketing business, it’ll be very difficult for you to make as much as you want. This 12 minute affiliate marketing is a very useful product and it’ll be of massive help to affiliate marketers.

  6. Even though it seems like a legitimate program, I wonder whether it really pays off. I mean, you pay $47 a month for membership and then you have to pay for traffic as well. Traffic is the hardest part, I know, but it’s a question of whether it’s not better for a bit experienced affiliate marketer to pay for google ads or some other ads. I haven’t researched and compared any options for paid traffic but I know I need some traffic boost. Do you use this platform to get traffic as well?  

    • Paid traffic can definitely get very expensive, it’s all about finding that balance and what works and what doesn’t. I do not use paid traffic, I do very well with organic traffic, however, the 12 Minute Affiliate does offer training on free traffic that may be very beneficial. Thank you for taking the time to comment. 


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