What is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus?

If you’re not already one of the 2.5 million-plus members (what on earth are you waiting for?), you’ve likely heard of Wealthy Affiliate, the most trusted and respected affiliate marketing training platform in the world! If not, please read my article “What is Wealthy Affiliate About?” by clicking HERE. If so, you already know about the FREE Starter Membership and the Premium Membership but what is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus? Is it an upsell? In this post, I will be going over what it is, what’s included, how much it costs, and whether or not it is something you need.


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What is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus?

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus is a bundle of Wealthy Affiliates’ top services, NOT to be mistaken as an upsell. You are not, nor ever will be required to upgrade to the Premium Plus membership.  ALL of the training, tools, and support that you need to succeed with your online business are available to you as a Premium member.

Is it an Upsell?

An upsell as you see with so many non-transparent companies is usually an additional product or service that you absolutely need in order to continue or succeed with that particular program, you know the upgraded version that they conveniently forgot to mention until they already had you sucked in. So no, Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium Plus is not an upsell. It’s a money-saving option bundled together with some really great extra perks, for the more advanced members that simply want more. It is not for everyone.


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What’s Included With Premium Plus?

  • Jaaxy Enterprise: Jaaxy is the most advanced keyword tool and research platform in the world. It was created by affiliate marketers, for affiliate marketers. Features included are; instant results, instant QSR, SiteRank tracking, multi-tab search, and much, much more. Jaaxy Enterprise alone currently costs $99 per month or $999 per year. It’s all-inclusive in the Premium Plus membership.


  • A New Tier of Hosting: Hosting for up to 50 websites, whether it be your own domains or SiteRubix. Comparable managed WordPress hosting plans cost $2,000 to $5,000 per year.



  • Upcoming Premium Plus Only Features: There will be many additional Premium Plus only features including expert levels of support and class topics relevant to the online business world today.


  • Dark Mode and Crown Icon: You can now activate “Dark Mode” within Premium Plus, which looks pretty cool with your new Premium Plus membership Crown.


What is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus


How Much Does Premium Plus Cost?

The Premium Plus membership is only $99 per month or $995 per year (a $193 discount). This is a steal for the hosting, expert training, and Jaaxy Enterprise alone. Here are just a couple more perks that you can look forward to if you decide to upgrade to Premium Plus Yearly:

  • %16 OFFWhat is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus
  • Two FREE .com domains ($28 per year)
  • Two hundred FREE community credits ($100)


What is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus - Free Starter Membership


Is Wealthy Affiliates Premium Plus Worth the Money?

Yes, Wealthy Affiliates Premium Plus is absolutely worth the money. You won’t find a more comprehensive and cost-efficient platform in this industry. Most companies are charging ridiculous amounts of money for far less than what you get with just the Premium membership alone.


What is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus



Can I Promote Premium Plus (even if I don’t upgrade)?

Oh yeah! You definitely can promote Wealthy Affiliates Premium Plus membership and earn BIG commissions even if you don’t upgrade yourself. In fact, it’s now easier than ever before to create a full-time business by promoting Wealthy Affiliate and the new Premium Plus membership.

*Commissions are $8.00 for the first month’s $19.00 special offer, then $23.50 thereafter. Starter Members earn $4.00 for special offer referrals, then $11.75 monthly and $117.50 yearly commissions.

What is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus

What is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus

*Commissions are $23.50 for the first month’s $49.00 special offer, then $46.50 thereafter. Starter Members earn $11.75 for special offer referrals, then $23.25 monthly, and $232.50 yearly commissions.

Below is an example of what can be made by making 1,2,5, and 10 Premium Plus Yearly sales per day:

  • 1 sale per day = $169,725/  recurring commissions
  • 2 sales per day = $339,450/ recurring commissions
  • 5 sales per day = $848,625/ recurring commissions
  • 10 sales per day = $1,697,250/ recurring commissionsWhat is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus






Do I need to Upgrade to Premium Plus?

Absolutely not. As I said before Premium Plus is not for everyone, and it is definitely not for beginners. Wealthy Affiliates Starter membership is a really nice free version that is mainly meant to show you how it’s done and to give you the opportunity to decide if Wealthy Affiliate is a good fit for you. If it is, then going Premium is the very best way to go. You can build your business and be very successful with that alone.

Take a Sneak Peek Now!

If you finish all of your training as a Premium member, your business is up and running and things are going well, you can always move on. Or you might say, ” Hey, I sure would enjoy learning more about, Local SEO, Email Marketing, PPC, Ads”, whatever. Then you might think about joining Premium Plus, maybe you need more hosting.

Now, if you can afford it, Premium Plus is definitely exciting and it comes with many perks. The main perk being Jaaxy Enterprise, most of the Premium members that are upgrading to Premium Plus are doing it for the access to Jaaxy Enterprise and it’s totally worth it!


What is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus - Jaaxy


I hope that I summed up Premium Plus enough that you understand it is a really nice option, but you do not need it, it is not some sneaky upsell that Wealthy Affiliate is hiding from you. Wealthy Affiliate is and will always be honest and transparent. Give ’em a try for yourself. Remember, it’s FREE. I hope to see you on the inside and I hope that one day you get the chance to enjoy Premium Plus!





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4 thoughts on “What is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus?”

  1. Hi Tracy. Very interesting article. Im just starting my adventure with digital marketing and posts like this are extremely useful. I am premium member of wealthy affiliate and I must say its best e-commerce platform I have ever seen. With tons of trainings, active community and hosting support its best starting point for all beginners. I am not ready yet to move for ‘premium plus’ version but it’s great opportunity for more mature businesses and I hope I will join this program soon.

    • Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing platform. Work at your own pace and enjoy the adventure! Thank you for your feedback. Have a wonderful day. 

  2. This is a very informative post.  It is well laid out and easily read.  I like that you have given all the relevant information without going overboard with the detail.  I love that you have pointed out the real value of the package if everything was purchased separately.  

    Do you recommend that a new member should join Premium first and then progress to Premium Plus, or should they join Premium Plus immediately?

    Thanks for the information, keep up the good work.

    • Thank you for your kind words Geoff. A new member should definitely start with Premium. Premium Plus is a great deal and if one wanted it for the Jaaxy Enterprise alone, it’s still well worth the price. I highly suggest you go through the courses in the Premium membership, get your website up and running successfully, and then you can decide if Premium Plus is for you. It is definitely not necessary, but an excellent bundle for the more advanced members who want to know more.


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