What is Inbound Closer?

Working from home is a reality and in the world today it’s turning into a necessity. There are many legit ways to work from home or make money online. The problem is that there are too many dishonest people out there trying to make an easy buck and the way that they do it is by advertising work-from-home programs that cost entirely too much or they are selling scams that not only waste your time but rob you of thousands of dollars. What is Inbound Closer? Another online program for making money from home. Read my review to become informed and decide if this is right for you or if you should keep looking.

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What is a Closer?

A closer is a person who is trained to bring a business deal to a successful conclusion, the person who “closes” the deal on a transaction. Inbound calling is when the client makes a scheduled call to the closer and outbound calling is when the closer calls the client. A high-ticket closer is a trained professional that closes the deal on ‘high value’ or ‘high priced’ products/services.

What is Inbound Closer?

Inbound Closer is an online program promoted by Payton Welch, Sales Director/Marketer and brother of Taylor Welch (The Sales Mentor). Payton claims you can make money from home or anywhere in the world with just a smartphone and a six-page PDF (much like a telemarketer). He promises to teach you a ‘high-demand skill’ that will make you $980 or more per day in commissions. He also states that you can get your first client in less than one week and others have quit their 9-5 job in as little as 21 days.

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What is Inbound Closer


How Does Inbound Closer Work?

Inbound closer teaches you how to:

  • Improve your sales skills
  • Become an Affiliate Marketer
  • Generate leads
  • Become a Closer

The program teaches you how to create a sales funnel and turn your leads into clients using video courses and modules. Being the ‘closer’ means you get to answer a bunch of phone calls to leads and ‘close’ the deal for a commission.

FYI: Inbound Closer and Payton Welch are also affiliated with The Sales Mentor and another program called Traffic and Funnels run by Taylor Welch (Payton’s brother) and Chris Evans, it seems to me that all three are selling the same and similar ‘how-to’ products or they ARE the upsells, being that inboundcloser.com and thesalesmentor.com are the same things, however, it’s a bit unclear… Maybe Taylor just slapped a new name on his program and handed it over to his brother so he could have his own money maker.

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What’s Included in the Inbound Closer Program?

Once you have watched the twenty-three-minute video and signed up with Inbound Closer you will receive the following benefits:

•The Daily Commission Check Blueprint: Two modules that give you everything you need to get your first big-ticket client in less than a week and replace your 9-5 income within 21 days.

•The Inbound Closing Accelerator: 21-day, zero to pro accelerator, advanced sales techniques from Taylor Welch.

•Free Bonus #1: Post-Call Recordings and Breakdown

•Free Bonus #2: Access to The Inbound Closer Mastermind Group (see below)

•Free Bonus #3: Taylor’s Personal Network of Online Entrepreneurs

What is Inbound Closer

How Much Does Inbound Closer Cost?

Inbound Closer claims to have a one-time fee of $97 for the Accelerator, however, there are other upsells. They say that they have an unconditional 100% money-back, lifetime guarantee. You can send an email to hello@thesalesmentor.com and they will return every penny within 24 to 48 hours for any reason, no questions asked.

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The Pros and the Cons

What is Inbound Closer

Company Name: Inbound Closer

Website: https://inboundcloser.com/

Owner: Payton Welch/Taylor Welch

Price: $97

Pros –

  1. 100% Money-back guarantee
  2. No experience necessary
  3. You only need a smartphone and an internet connection

Cons –

  1. You have to deal with sales calls
  2. Support is in a Facebook group
  3. Non-transparent
  4. Upsells
  5. Results are not typical


What is Inbound Closer

Is Inbound Closer a Legit Program?

Yes, it is a legit program. They teach you useful skills which you could possibly monetize from if you can deal with phone calls, follow a script, and close a deal. The Accelerator has a 100% money-back guarantee. Just please keep in mind, that much like anything else, results depend on many things such as experience, hard work, and the amount of time and money you have to put in. Also, Inbound Closer’s Disclaimer states that the results are NOT typical and that the average person who purchases ‘how to’ information gets little to no results.

Video by Reno James

UPDATED: After doing more research it has come to my understanding that you can pay the $97 and learn sales techniques and how to find clients, however, you will be searching for and calling your own clients. If you want a client-ready list, that would be under a certification program for $497 and there are even more upsells at $997 and up! You can see many reviews on YouTube and hopefully gain more insight by watching some of these videos …

The Big List of Scams and Misleading Tactics in Real Estate: Tips for Protecting Home Buyers, Sellers, Owners, and Renters


It can be difficult to know who and what to trust.  You have probably come across thousands of ‘ways to make money from home’ advertisements. How could you not? It seems like the internet is being invaded by ads that promise to make you millions for doing almost nothing at all. I hope that by now you have figured out that making money from home is not easy, it does not happen overnight or by doing nothing. If it sounds too good to be true… It probably is.

The Inbound Closer/The Sales Mentor or whatever they call it now is not transparent and therefore not something I would dabble in, however that’s just me. I’m sure that they have some great sales techniques to teach and the Accelerator may work for some… It will be hard work and the money won’t come easy but if that’s your thing, I wish you the best.

Now, if the Inbound Closer program is not for you, and you want to learn how to build your own real long-term business from home and start working toward financial freedom for FREE, please take a look at What is Wealthy Affiliate About? You will not be sorry.

Thanks for visiting!

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Inbound Closer








Overall Quality



  • 100% Money-back guarantee
  • No experience necessary
  • You only need a smartphone and internet connection


  • You have to deal with sales calls
  • Support is in a Facebook group
  • Non-transparent
  • Upsells
  • Results are not typical

54 thoughts on “What is Inbound Closer?”

  1. When any of these programs immediately start talking about how much money you can earn, I automatically get a bad feeling about them. I’m sure that Inbound Closer isn’t a scam, but how many people are actually going to make $980 a day after signing up for their program? probably less than 1 %. 

    Buyers would be lucky if they even see a single penny in profits after signing up for the Inbound Closers sales funnel program. The one feature I did like is that they offer a money-back guarantee, so it couldn’t hurt to try it out. 

    • Hi Joshua, thank you for your feedback. I agree, not many will earn $980 a day and if anyone reads the disclaimer they will hopefully understand that. However, the money-back guarantee is a pretty good deal for anyone wishing to give Inbound Closers a try. 

      • I hope this program is more affordable for a lot of people who have been laid off during COVID 19 paying $997 is a lot of money.

        • Hi Annie, $997 dollars is indeed a lot of money. Inbound Closer starts at $97, then there’s the accelerator for $497, and from what I understand after watching Jay Daniel Castro on YouTube, it’s another $1000 to be certified as a closer. I doubt that you will get your first big-ticket client in less than a week and replace your 9-5 income within 21 days. They even say in their disclosure that results are NOT typical. The one good thing they have going for them is the 100% money-back guarantee. Have you taken a look at Wealthy Affiliate by any chance? It’s not a get rich quick scheme, it teaches you to build a business online, which does take time. However, you can get started for free and decide if it’s for you or not. Thanks for visiting, I wish you the best.

      • So I guess you Tracey are the Inbound Closer for the Sales Mentor Group who sugest that they are not an affilate marketing group when in truth that is all they are .

        • No Gordon, I am not the Inbound Closer for The Sales Mentor group, nor have I ever suggested that they are not an affiliate marketing group. Perhaps you did not read my article in its entirety. Try again. Thank you for visiting. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Thank you for this excellent review of Inbound Closer! I very much like the way you identify the nature of the service for marketers, the costs, and offer a straightforward assessment of the pros and cons you find in its price and support complex. I think they are a very interesting organization, as many feel the concept of cold calling is an aspect of the past, but in reality, it is still alive and well in modern practice! Inbound Closer is definitely a testament to this reality. Great assessment and rating!

    • Thank you for commenting Jayson, I appreciate the kind words. I’m not a big fan of ‘selling’ or closing a deal over the phone, but Inbound Closers does sound like an interesting concept and may work for some. Cold calling is still very much alive that’s for sure.

  3. Good Day,

    Your information is well researched and very detailed. It all sounds very good, but to be really honest with you, I am not a big fan of paying this amount of money, before you had a taste of what it’s all about. It’s a bit pricey. 

    How about having a small part of the program as a free trial?

    The information of the company is also a bit vague. How long has the company been in operation. How many members / customers etc.

    • Good day Andre! Thank you for your feedback, it is greatly appreciated. I’m with you on the paying before you have the chance to see what it’s all about, however, the money-back guarantee helps a bit. Some of the information is a bit vague, Inbound Closers is not really for me but it may be something good for others. I hope you have a wonderful day!

      • Hi Tracy. I’m a little confused why some of the comments here say that you have to find your own leads when the advertisement for I.C. states i will be receiving calls from people that have already been somewhat pre-screened. Hence the name INBOUND Closer. After looking at hundreds of home business opportunities it seems that the some of these so called review sites seem more sleazy and deceptive than the business they’re reviewing

        • Hi Joe, the reason some of the comments here say that you have to find your own clients is because that is what I discovered while following the progress of an actual Inbound Closer participant. The advertisements for Inbound Closer state many things that are misleading or simply not true. I agree, many “so called” review sites seem as you say “sleazy” and “deceptive”, however, this review is not. I simply report my findings from my research in hopes to help others make informed decisions in their search for legitimate ways to work from home and make money online. As I have stated many times before, I believe that the Inbound Closer program does teach some useful skills and sales techniques and will work for some. Throughout my research I also discovered that Inbound Closer has many upsells and they are not transparent about this, as a reviewer I must disclose this information even if it brings negative feedback. I truly appreciate your comments and I hope that I have answered your question. I wish you the very best on your journey.

  4. Hey Tracy,

    This was a decent Inbound Closer review. I really like the thumbnail you’ve used. But the program itself comes off as a scam, if I read what you’ve written. It’d have been better if there was a trial payment plan.

    Nonetheless, you exposing people to the cons of the program and honestly stating that results are not typical, gives me the vibe that it could be for those who are willing to go all in. It’s certainly not something I’d be interested in.

    Every good wish,

    • Hey there! Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Inbound Closer may work for some people, however, it’s not for me either. I feel it’s important to share the information from the fine print as it may get overlooked. Honesty is key, and I want others to be able to make an informed decision. I truly appreciate your feedback, Have a wonderful day!

    • Hey, So I am a student looking to start this I god some questions,
      Will this be able to replace my job and how long will it take for me to start earning 10000$ Monthly and is it worth the 98$?

      • Thanks for the great questions. I personally don’t think that Inbound Closer is going to allow you to replace your job, not anytime soon anyway. I do believe that this program can teach you some great skills, however, I have not seen any positive results as of yet. I have been following a participant in this program and as of seventy-some days, he had not made any money what so ever. I also don’t believe you will make $10,000 monthly. It takes hard work and time to make that kind of money. If you are just looking to learn some extra skills and selling techniques then the $97 may be worth it to you. I do wish you the best in your search to replace your job. Keep in mind, if making money were as easy as some people claim, we would all be doing it. If you are looking for financial freedom and want to build a long term business, take a look at this article. Have a great week!

  5. Hi,
    I have just listened to the video and I was led to believe that people called you as per your schedule to when you would be available to take their call?
    I would not be interested in it if it involved cold calling people in order to close a deal. The cost of calling other countries on a phone be it mobile or land line would be extortionate.
    Could you tell me if I am correct in assuming calls are directed to me or if i have to cold call them?
    Great review all the same.

    • Hi Richard. Thank you for your kind words. That’s a great question and I have been watching videos and reading all morning to get more answers. According to my research, for the $97 you will be searching for and calling your own potential clients. Once you have a client and you are an Inbound Closer those calls will be directed to you as you assumed. Something new that I was made aware of is that to be a certified closer (if you want clients handed to you) That program will cost you $497. I hope this information helps you out. You can also watch the video at Inbound Closer and reach out to the customer support email provided by Inbound Closer (help@thesalesmentor.com) for more details. If Inbound Closer is not what you were looking for, you may want to look into Wealthy Affiliate and build your own buisness online. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. Best of luck to you and have a great day!

  6. Tracy, what program gives you the lead? Do you have to join the $97 group first because that is the most difficult part of getting started. It leaves people feeling discomfort and lost not to mention with a bruised ego when rejection is constant.

    -Ara S.

    • Hey Ara. Thanks for sharing your concerns. As I mentioned in my article, some things about Inbound Closer are unclear. I believe you do need to join the $97 program to eventually find out how to have clients handed to you. I have been following Jaydaniel Castro on YouTube, you may want to check out his videos as he is sharing every step of his journey with Inbound Closer and you are likely to get more answers from his videos than you can find through Inbound Closer itself. I also suggest asking customer support at help@thesalesmentor.com, this review is based solely on my research and opinions, and unfortunately finding complete and reliable information on Inbound Closer has been difficult. If you are interested in a transparent program and would like to build your own business online, please take a look at my article on Wealthy Affiliate. I wish you the best!

  7. Hi Tracy thank you for the enlightening article. I was just curious if this process with theinboundcloser actually works. Have you tried it out, and if so have you made any money so far? And does the program tell you how to get the clients?

    • Hey Noah, the program does teach you how to get clients. I have not personally tried out Inbound Closer, however, I have done a lot of research and continue to do so. It is a legit program that can teach you some useful skills and I thought it was worth sharing. This review is on my research and my opinions. If you have any more questions you can contact their customer support at help@thesalesmentor.com. I was already in another program when I found out about Inbound Closer. If you would like to know more about it please follow this link.

      • I agree. There are a couple of ‘testimonials’ on Inbound Closer’s order page, however, not a lot of information. Have you taken a look at Wealthy Affiliate? It’s a completely transparent alternative. : )

    • Hey Tracy,
      I have some questions that I’m confused about, I hope you can answer them for me. How do you generate all this traffic about a companies product/offer when you said “ I’ve personally never tried it myself …” and “ honesty is key ” .. How?
      … Seems like your pushing people away from an opportunity, so you can sell them what your offering. Every person is different, and if you’ve never tried it yourself, Like REALLY tried it, why do you believe everything your saying to people about inbound closers is really helpful?

      • Hi Heather, thank you for your questions. About generating traffic; The reason that I generate so much traffic is that I know SEO and how to get ranked on the first page of Google, (which I learned from Wealthy Affiliate btw), another reason for the traffic is that everyone who is interested in Inbound Closer seems to have a very hard time getting answers to their questions or getting in contact with them so they visit my site looking for answers. If Inbound Closer were honest and upfront, there would not be so much uncertainty and I would probably not be generating “all this traffic”.

        Honesty IS key, and I have not tried it myself because I have done my research and learned how much it really costs to become a closer. I read Inbound Closer’s disclaimer which states that results are not typical and on average get little to no results and I have no desire to throw my money away. I have not found anyone thus far that is making $980 per day or quit their 9-5 in 21 days as Inbound Closer claims.

        About pushing people away from an opportunity; I have stated that Inbound Closer teaches useful skills and selling techniques that can be monetized, I mentioned that they are affordable and that the 100% money-back-guarantee is a pretty good deal and I have stated that this program may work for some. So I am not sure how you think I am pushing people away, in fact, I’ve sent many visitors their way.

        Why I believe that everything I am saying is helpful; EVERYTHING I say, may not be helpful, however, I try. I do reviews like this so that people looking to make money online can make informed decisions and hopefully not get scammed. I do show them good opportunities, like Wealthy Affiliate.
        Whenever a company like Inbound Closer asks for money upfront and offers no free trial or starter membership, I am concerned. When they are hiding upsells, I am concerned, and when they give false hope like claiming you will make $980 dollars or more per day I am very concerned. I share information that others may have missed, such as, fine printed disclaimers, non-transparent upsells, and the results from actual members on their journey because that is honesty.

        You are correct, every person IS different and as I have stated many times, Inbound Closer may work for some and they do teach useful ‘selling’ techniques for $97. My entire website is about making money online and building an online business, my job is to help people, so yes, I do promote real, legit, honest, and transparent opportunities. I also share information from my research and my opinions that I believe are helpful to those searching for a way to make money online. What I do NOT do is, tell someone not to try something. Everyone has their own opinion and everyone is capable of making their own decision.

        Thanks again, I do hope that this has answered your questions and I wish you the best in your future endeavors. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help you out. Have a great day!

  8. I really like this program but there are two things I didn’t understand: how do you get the call in the first place, second, what do you say in the call

    • Hi there, thanks for the great question. With the $97 you will learn sales techniques and how to get clients on your own. If you do the certification for $497 you will learn a lot more and be put in a Facebook group with clients ready to hire. As for what to say in the calls, that is what the training is for, they will teach you how to ‘close a deal’ with potential buyers. I don’t really know much more than that, I have not gone through the program at Inbound Closer. If you would like you can contact their customer support at help@thesalesmentor.com also, I highly suggest you watch Jaydaniel Castro on YouTube as he is sharing his journey every step of the way. I believe he is on day 56, and as far as I can tell he has not made any money yet but spent plenty. If you are looking for a transparent way to secure your financial future and want to build your own business with tons of support please check out Wealthy Affiliate. Good luck to you.

  9. Hello! So am I understanding that to get a client, is to find someone to work for to help them sell their products? If so, why would it be hard to find a client? This sounds very interesting to me, just trying to get the basic understanding of the program.

    • Hi Cheryl, You would be applying for closer positions with clients/brands or companies who sell high-ticket products/services such as life insurance, V.A. loans, etc. so they would want to be sure you’re good at closing a deal with interested customers who have not quite made a commitment to the purchase yet. You need to be very good at selling and trusted to handle these accounts, which is what Inbound Closer would be teaching you with practice calls and such. Like I said in my article, Inbound Closer is not very clear on their website and this is my understanding from what I have researched. You can contact their customer support at help@thesalesmentor.com or follow Jaydaniel Castro on YouTube, he is a member sharing his experiences from Inbound Closer every step of the way. I hope this helps. Thank you for visiting, I wish you the best!

  10. Tracy, thank you so much for this article. Several weeks ago I had listened to the video on Inbound Closing and you provided a great article before I got involved with it. It does seem like a legit operation, but they catch you with not providing you with clients.

    I joined Wealthy Affiliates shortly after and don’t regret it at all 🙂


    • You are very welcome Jordan. I’m so glad to hear that my article on Inbound Closer was useful, and unfortunately, you are exactly right about them. I’m really happy that you’ve joined Wealthy Affiliate with no regrets and I wish you much success with your online business. Thanks for visiting and have a great day!

  11. Hi Tracy, just trying to get to the exact nature of what this position is about. What exactly would we be selling? Who would we be selling for? Would we be a “contract closer” for various companies in various industries? I have excellent sales skills and tons of cold calling sales experience. Sales would be the easy part for me. Just interested in getting a concrete description of what actual tasks would be performed and for who. In addition to that, who would pay us? Where does all this income they talk about actually come from?



    • Hi, Thanks for stopping by. I wish that I could tell you the exact nature of what this position is about I really do, however, they are very non-transparent in too many areas, which leaves me to worry about their honesty. It has taken me quite some time to get the little bit of information that I do have. Looking again today, it is really hard to get ahold of anyone from there. You can get to their promotional video at inboundcloser.com and to a sign-up page with very little information. I have been checking in on Jaydaniel Castro’s YouTube Channel and it does not look like he is doing so well at 70 some days in. I just keep hearing about how he keeps spending money and not making any. I hear great things about the training and the skills provided, but frankly, that’s about it.
      I believe that you would close high-ticket deals such as VA loans or ‘big ticket’ items from big companies. Once you have a client, you work for them, you close big deals for them and then receive a commission from them when a sale is final.
      I truly wish that I could help you more, I personally don’t trust the system here, I don’t like how you can’t reach anyone, you can’t find complete straight-forward information and the fact that you have to pay before knowing exactly what you are getting into. I do believe that Inbound Closer has great sales training, but it sounds like you have to pay a lot of money to get where they ‘claim’ you can be in 21 days.
      What I can tell you is to contact help@thesalesmentor.com it seems to be the only way to get ahold of anyone from there. I hope they respond and give you the answers you want to hear. I wish you the best. Also, if you are interested in long term financial stability, take a look at my article on building your own online business here, it’s free to take a look and find out exactly how it works, completely transparent and worth looking into. : ) Have a great day

      • Hi Tracy,

        Thank you for posting this. Lord knows I have become the victim of programs such as this too many of these in the past so I do extensive research now. I also wanted to mention that in the video I watched Payton said you can call Taylor’s assistant named Kathy and she will refund the $97. She can be reached at (615) 953-9536.


        • Hi Aaron,
          I’m happy to help. I’m really sorry to hear that you have been the victim of any scam, however, I’m really happy that it won’t likely be happening again. Thank you for sharing and reaching out a helping hand with the name and number of Taylor’s assistant. Take care. : )

    • Hey there, thanks for the great question. I am not 100% sure, however, I imagine you must be at least 18 years of age to become a closer. You can contact Inbound Closer’s support by sending an email to help@thesalesmentor.com hopefully they can set you straight. I wish you the best. : )

  12. I heard about this from a prospective employee. He told me he was a “certified closer”. This potential employee lacked the skills “to close a door” as my partner says. So I had to look into this. I feel terrible thinking he paid $1497 to get this certification. I really hope that isn’t the case and I hope that he got his money back. I think these types of scams are the worst of the worst because they are praying on people who really need help. As a business owner, we pay a lot of money to generate inbound calls or to even provide people with the right lists for outbound calling. I cannot imagine any business willing to just hand that over to someone because they claim they can close it . It seems very illogical. I checked out Wealthy Affiliates and it looks good.

    • Hi Sam! Thank you for visiting and leaving some really great feedback. I agree with you 100%, and I sure hope that your prospective employee did get his money back. Hopefully, others will read your comment and see the light.

      Wealthy Affiliate is indeed great, the problem is, people want money now, they don’t understand that there is no get rich quick miracle waiting around the corner and they keep throwing money in that scam trash can because it promises riches,(it’s so sad). They have to work for it and building a business takes time. If more people would just realize that, they would be doing themselves a great service by starting WA ASAP, as the more time they put into their online business the quicker they will see results and the result is future financial security.

      I started making commissions in my third month at Wealthy Affiliate and the amount has increased every month since. I’ve heard of people spending thousands of dollars with Inbound Closer, but nothing about any income… I have purchased a domain and upgraded from free starter to a premium member (my choice) at Wealthy Affiliate and my commissions cover that expense and then some, and I am just getting started! Imagine where I will be in 2-5 years, even 10!

      Thanks for your time Sam and if you know of someone in need of a real opportunity that’s FREE to start, send them here to take a look at Wealthy Affiliate. : ) Have a wonderful day!


  13. Here’s the thing, if these people were so confident that their “students” would be making money (especially $980) in the first week or even a month, then why not offer the training for free with a stipulation that they get 1% of your commissions for the first year, or something along those lines? Given the numbers they quote, they would make many times more than the already ridiculous amounts they charge people. People who are already most likely hard up for a job or cash.

    • Hi Joe! I like the way you think and I agree 100%. I wish all these programs would be honest and upfront right from the start. There are too many people struggling right now and no one deserves to be taken advantage of with false hope or hidden upsells. Thank you very much for your feedback. Have a wonderful day!

    • Hi Ashley, that’s a great question. You may need to talk to the high-school, or email hello@thesalesmentor.com and ask them. I don’t believe that it would count as a Business Management credit, however, I honestly couldn’t say for sure.

  14. Hi Tracy, I am currently taking the IBC accelerator courses and even paid 497 for the certification course. You are correct about the non transparency and upsells. I ask questions over and over and the typical responses I get are questions about my questions instead of answers and things like “just go through and finish the trainings and trust the process.” These are actually the things that led me here – I was looking for reviews and any other similar complaints – and in all honesty I wonder if your goal here is to review against any possible competitors and draw people to WA as a better alternative. Please understand I am not anything but unbiased, as I am not too happy with IBC, I just want to make sure I’m not jumping from one ship to another because a paid crew member on the other ship pointed out the bad sail on mine while hiding the cracked rudder on his.
    Do you have any suggestions other than WA?

    • Hi Brian, I am sorry to hear that you jumped on the IBC ship only to be disappointed. I hear your concerns and completely understand them. There are so many websites out there that are doing just that, selling scams or writing negative reviews only to make what they are pushing look good. I don’t have it in me. My goal truly is to help others, I can’t stand to see someone get scammed. One might stumble across one of these programs and join because of one good pitch (usually too good to be true) and not find the information that they really needed to see. So my hope is that my research and reviews will save a lot of people from unnecessary heartache, wasted time, and money lost.

      I do promote and refer others to different legitimate and quality programs and I earn a commission on only a couple of them. I promote Wealthy Affiliate because I am a proud member, I have yet to find a cracked rudder and truly believe that it is the best MMO training program in the world. The fact that many paid members have been with them for up to 15 years says a lot. You can build your own business, jump right in for free and see everything that they have to offer, meet the community of more than 2 million members, start the training and build your website before making any decisions. I think that shows just how transparent they are.

      I absolutely do have other suggestions, in fact, had I not found WA, I likely would have signed up with one of them. They are really great programs, however, they are each lacking in one area or another such as; a free starter membership, hosting, and community support. You can take a look at my reviews on Authority Hackers Authority Site System and Income Schools Project 24 to find out more. Outside of WA, these are my top suggestions, take a look, and compare them if you are interested in building your own websites or affiliate business.

      I want to leave you with this highly informational video from the owner and creator of WA, The 4 Steps to Creating a Successful Business Online, no matter what you decide to do, this video really breaks down the process of building a successful online business. Thank you for your very nicely worded feedback. I wish you the very best in your future endeavors. If you have any other questions, please let me know and I will do my very best to help you out. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. : )


  15. Hi Tracey I don’t know if this is the right forearm to ask this question but could you give me some knowledge on social media or smma

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    • LOL, thank you for that interesting feedback. You are not alone in your thoughts of Inbound Closer. : )

  17. BEWARE!! The Inbound Closer is a HUGE SCAM!!! I paid for the course and once I was in the group some creepy guy from the inbound closer messaged me and tried to sell me on a $6000 package. He paused for like 10 minutes during the call out of nowhere and It got really awkward for him when I didn’t respond.. so when he started talking again I let him know I wasn’t interested because, after all , THEY AREN’T SELLING ANYTHING! After that I wasn’t allowed back into the group even though I had been working individually with people among the community, long story short I think they were quite “butt-hurt”. They are getting over on people by selling them Information about the very commonly known “closer” position which is no-secret at all. You can join any number of sales companies and become promoted to a closer or you can simply join a sales company on commission or even with a based salary as a Closer and you don’t need the program at all because you’ll get all the training you need with the company FOR FREE and yes, they will even pay you to learn.
    Which is what they don’t tell people.
    They get over on the younger demographic because they lack the elementary understanding of very basic business structures.



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