• The 12 Minute Affiliate
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    The 12 Minute Affiliate

    If you have been searching for ways to make money online, then I’m sure that you have figured out that the easiest way to make that happen is through affiliate marketing. Perhaps you’ve heard about or stumbled upon the 12 Minute Affiliate, a new done-for-you system that simplifies the process of earning commissions through affiliate marketing without any technical stuff or even a website to host. They say that you can have the system activated in as…

  • What is Authority Hacker
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    What is Authority Hacker?

    I see you have been doing your research on affiliate marketing training, which is very wise. I’m sure you have a few programs/systems that you have been weighing in on and today you are wondering, “What is Authority Hacker?” or “What is TASS?” There is a handful of legitimate affiliate marketing courses out there that are definitely worth the money and highly recommended. This review will be about one of them, Authority Hacker and The Authority Site…

  • What is Income School Project 24
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    What is Income School Project 24?

    So you have been searching, hoping to start up a blog and turn it into a passive income, or maybe you already have a blog and it just hasn’t generated any traffic. Well, there are many courses out there offering to get you on the right path, however, they’re not always all that they’re cracked up to be. I have my preference but there are others that really stand out from the crowd and deserve a closer…

  • Solo Build It! for WordPress
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    Solo Build It! for WordPress

    I’m sure you know that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online, and I’m sure you’ve heard of many programs that teach you how to build your business online. Some of the best training platforms available are Wealthy Affiliate,  Income School Project 24, Affiliate Lab, Affilorama, and Authority Hacker. I won’t hide the truth, Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 choice (you can read about it by clicking the link above). Solo Build…

  • What is Six Figure Mentors
    Affiliate Marketing,  Multi-Level-Marketing

    What is Six Figure Mentors?

    Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. There are many training platforms out there, some are definitely worth your while and others not so much. I know it can be difficult to see the difference so I’m really glad to see that you’re doing your homework by researching the different platforms. In this review, I am going to answer your burning question, “What is Six Figure Mentors?” I provide these reviews so…

  • What is Super Affiliate System Pro
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    What is Super Affiliate System Pro?

    So you stumbled upon another website for making money online and you want to know, What is Super Affiliate System Pro? You are in the right place for an honest review. In our world today, working from home and securing our financial future is becoming a necessity. More and more people are realizing this and they are making big changes. Affiliate marketing is one of the largest sources of online income and the easiest way to start…

  • What is Commission Hero
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    What is Commission Hero?

    Since your here looking at ‘What is Commission Hero?’, I’m assuming that you’re ready to ditch that job and you’re looking at your options. I know it can be a stressful process and you just want to find something REAL. I want the same thing for you and I want to help you. I don’t want to see anyone else go completely broke and possibly lose everything, because of some ‘get rich quick’ scam. With all of…

  • Free Affiliate Marketing
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    Free Affiliate Programs

    Now that you know what Wealthy Affiliate is about (click here if you missed that article) and you know what Affiliate Marketing is, I would like to introduce you to a handful of free affiliate programs. Once you have your website or blog, app. etc. up and running, you will most likely be anxious to start monetizing it. Before I get into the affiliate programs let me give you my thoughts on when to add affiliates to your website.…

  • What Is Wealthy Affiliate About
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    What Is Wealthy Affiliate About?

    Before I get into ‘What is Wealthy Affiliate About?’, let me tell you what it is NOT. Wealthy Affiliate is most certainly NOT a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. It is NOT a scam. This program does teach you how to make money online, as a matter of fact, Wealthy Affiliate provides you with all of the tools that you need as well as step-by-step training to build a successful business from the ground up, whether you are…

  • About Me
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    About Me

      Welcome to Ditch That Job, It Sucks! I’m really glad that you decided to visit this site, for whatever your reason. Maybe it was that really catchy title, maybe you’re stuck in a rut, just like I was at one time. Perhaps you’re looking for a way to ditch that job because it sucks. Whether you are looking to build a business, have a side job, MAKE MONEY, or you are just plain bored. You came…